8 Useful Small Business Cybersecurity Tips You Need to Know

Small Business Cybersecurity Tips

Your company is a target for hackers.

They want data. You’ve got it.

A lot of it.

And it’s nicely organized and, usually, poorly protected.

And just in case you weren’t paying attention, if they do get it, you’re probably going to have to answer to more than just your customers (as if that wasn’t bad enough). Regulatory intervention and civil penalties are two of the fabulous prizes you could earn thanks to your poor security.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix. No system is perfect, no security is absolute.

Yet, there are rays of hope! The biggest gains that you can make in improving your cybersecurity involve making small improvements.

Here are 8 Small Business Cybersecurity Tips You Need to Know: (more…)

Your Password Policy Makes You Vulnerable: How to Fix It

password policy feature image

The life of a small- or mid-sized business’s IT manager certainly would never be described as “easy.” These are the people you’ve charged with keeping the company’s computer systems running and secure.

It’s a tough job. So please forgive them for how they’ve decided, and how you’ve allowed them, to set up your company’s password policy.

Why? Because it’s pretty likely that the password policy they recommended actually puts you at greater risk.


How to Destroy Perfectly Good Cybersecurity Policies

cybersecurity policies

One of my favorite phrases is “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.” The slight modification of the old idiom to reflect an action that transforms guaranteed success into abject failure.

It is also the perfect way to understand how it’s possible for even the most effective, well-written, well-intentioned, and strategically developed cybersecurity policies to become irrelevant.

I’ve seen so many ways a company can completely negate their own cybersecurity. Usually, it involves some level of management errors, the most common being that “these policies don’t apply to me.”

However, there are many ways, some much less obvious, for management to undermine their company’s own cybersecurity policies.

And, by extension, making their company, their employees, their customers, and themselves less secure. (more…)

The Best Business VPN Services to Boost Privacy and Security

business vpn

These days, keeping your business safe requires a lot more than running an antivirus program now and again and praying for the best. One of the most important tools your company can employ is a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A business VPN is more than just geo-blocking, it’s an absolute necessity for business these days.

Although the basic operating principles for Virtual Private Networks are the same regardless whether you’re using it for personal web browsing or as the backbone of your company’s online interaction, selecting the right business VPN for your particular purposes relies on vastly different criteria.

A business VPN needs to: (more…)

The One Thing You Need to Know About Your Cyber Incident Response

cyber incident response cybersecurity law

We’ve been hacked.

Those words send a chill the first time you hear them, trigger flashbacks any time after that.

What now?

You know there are things that you need to do. Many of those things are some combination of painful, expensive, and embarrassing.

And they need to be done quickly and correctly. You need the right kind of person to get it done. You need the right Cyber Incident Response Manager…


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