open ssl

There are key systems that run the basic technology and internet services that we use every day. Many of them have been around, in some way shape or form, for decades. Even more recent versions tend to be based on open-source programming, or built on open-source code. So what happens when it’s discovered that some part of one of those basic systems, the ones that we rely on, a LOT, has a problem?

Open SSL, or secure socket layer, is the basis for a lot of the secure communication on the internet, and has been for years. If you communicate via electronic device, especially if that communication spends any of its time in an encrypted form, you likely use this system. And it’s got a problem. How big? Well, since it’s open source and used by tons of programs and applications, nobody really knows.

In this episode we discuss how you and your business can take steps to protect yourself from this and other major vulnerabilities in critical systems. Or, at the very least, how you can limit or minimize any potential damage.

For more information, resources, and a transcript of this episode, check out the original post.

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