Negotiate with Hackers? Never! (Or best offer) [Podcast]

negotiate with hackers

If you’ve ever had to deal with ransomware, first, let me say I’m sorry. It’s terrible. It can really put your business in a tough spot. Even if you have sufficient backups, you still have to go through all the trouble of cleaning the infection out of your systems and restoring your backed-up data. You will inevitably have to recover some data that was created since your last backup, and there’s alway that time you lost to the process.

But many people aren’t that lucky. Due to either inadequate backup and security systems, or simply faced with hackers who have evolved faster than security systems can defend, you may be forced with a horrible choice. Pay up or… else. In this episode of the Fearless Paranoia podcast, we discuss what it means to be left with only those choices, and ask a fundamental one: is it ever ok to negotiate with hackers? We discuss what you need to know about the world of cybercrime that may help you make that decision, and discuss some things to consider in the event you decide that you have no choice but to negotiate.

For more information, resources, and a transcript of this episode, check out the original post.

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