T-Mobile recently announced that hackers had breached their systems and stolen the records of 37 million customers. While the records apparently didn’t include financial information, enough personal information was taken to create significant risks for the victims.

How did the hackers gain access to T-Mobile’s data? They were able to get in by exploiting T-Mobile’s Application Program Interface, or API. APIs are everywhere, and you use them all the time. They’re incredibly popular among software development companies, and they’re incredibly useful.

They’re also very popular with hackers, with API exploits increasing by over 600% in the past year. So, you really need to know about APIs, particularly why they are so popular, and how they can be secured.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How APIs connect different programs and applications;
  • The different types of APIs that you are most likely to interact with;
  • The reasons that APIs are so popular among programmers and software developers; and
  • The reasons APIs commonly contain major vulnerabilities that make them such a popular target for hackers.

For more information, resources, and a full transcript of this episode, please check out the original post.

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