The Best Cloud Backup for Small Business in 2023

cloud backup for small business

In today’s digital age, small businesses rely on data to run their operations and make critical business and operational decisions. But with so much data being stored on a company’s computers, servers, and other devices, it’s important to have a plan in place to protect that data from loss or damage. Too often, we think myopically about “protecting” data – as though the only threats come from hackers or cyberthreats. Other risks also threaten your company’s critical information too, like severe weather disasters and run-of-the-mill employee mistakes or bad luck. Protecting your data requires a solution tailored to your needs: a provider that specializes in cloud backup for small business.

You need to protect the data itself. Make sure that it’s kept physically apart from your digital and electronic infrastructure at your physical locations. That’s where cloud backup comes in.

Cloud backup is a type of data backup that stores a copy of your data in the cloud, or on remote servers accessed via the internet. This provides a secure, off-site backup of your data that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

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The 6 Best Password Managers for Individuals and Families in 2023

password managers

We all have multiple online accounts that require us to create user accounts with a login and password. The days of reminding you not to use your pet’s five-letter name on all of your accounts should be long gone, and hopefully you’re at least making an effort to keep your passwords strong.

However, the days when we only had a handful of logins to remember are long gone as well. With so many different passwords to remember, it’s simply not possible to create and remember passwords for all those accounts that are both unique and strong.

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The Best Personal Cloud Backup Services to Protect Your Data

personal cloud backup

We live our lives on our computers and our mobile devices. It’s not even just a matter of where and how we keep our “data,” because what we keep on these systems is, for most people, the tools necessary for daily life and the memories of all the days past. How would we cope with losing our phone book, our credit cards, our plane tickets, and all the important photos and videos of our lives? We don’t need to imagine some doomsday scenario for that eventuality to exist – all we need to do is drop our smartphone in a lake!

It’s simply not an option for us to lose the data that we’ve put on our phones and laptops. It’s not as if they need to be stolen or hacked for the loss of data to be a real problem – it is in the nature of hard drives to fail. As such, it is necessary to be prepared.

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Eufy’s Blunder – Don’t Promise what You Don’t Provide [Podcast]

eufy privacy blunder

Eufy made a name for itself as a video baby monitor company that provided peace of mind – in the form of top-of-the-line security to protect your privacy. It turns out their promises were more than a little bit hollow. When you promise things like end-to-end, military-grade encryption; when you promise things like no data stored in the cloud; when you promise things like only your device has access – those are all major security promises.

When you make those promises about a video baby monitor – one that not only involves a one-way video feed of your child sleeping, but a two-way audio feed (meaning you can talk to your baby from the other room), you had freaking well better know what you’re talking about! And when you’re given information that your security is falling short of those promises by a security researcher, maybe take them seriously.

Oh, and incredibly important extra point here – when a respected tech journal calls and asks for a comment, don’t flatly deny the existence of the problem and then disappear.

Those are all things that happened to Eufy, a subsidiary of the company Anker, this week. It’s bad.

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The Best Business VPN Services to Boost Privacy and Security

business vpn

These days, keeping your business safe requires a lot more than running an antivirus program now and again and praying for the best. One of the most important tools your company can employ is a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A business VPN is more than just geo-blocking, it’s an absolute necessity for business these days.

Although the basic operating principles for Virtual Private Networks are the same regardless whether you’re using it for personal web browsing or as the backbone of your company’s online interaction, selecting the right business VPN for your particular purposes relies on vastly different criteria.

A business VPN needs to: (more…)

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